Logan Floats Whiz Proof Deluxe Flooring

Whiz-Proof Deluxe Flooring System
Introducing Whiz-Proof Deluxe Rubber Flooring, the low-maintenance flooring system from Logan Coach that cushions, protects and gets rid of moisture fast.

Moisture Draining

Moisture moves easily through Whiz-Proof Deluxe, instantly draining away harmful, corrosive urine, while eliminating barnyard smell. Beveled, aluminum floor slats allow moisture to drain out, while keeping outside moisture from coming in.

Permanent & Customizable

With Whiz-Proof Deluxe, you'll never have to drag out another floor mat again. Made of recycled materials and easy to clean, this flooring is not only permanent, but comes in a variety of colors, so you can customize it to fit your needs and personality.

Superior Traction & Protection
Whiz-Proof Deluxe offers a cushioned surface, while delivering superior traction for your animals...virtually eliminating the need for shavings. And, with a 10-Year Warranty,you'll know that no matter what, we've got your back.