Photogallery: Megan Jones Eventing Edition
New Megan Jones eventing edition Outback.
  • 1,588kgs
  • Extra wide package
  • Chest lockers
  • Feed mangers
  • HD doors and windows
  • Drop down 'feeder windows'
  • 3 led interior lights in horse stall
  • 3 led loading lights
  • 2 led lights in tack room
  • Porch light over dressing room door
  • Fully insulated horse stall.
  • Porous absorbent poly last floor (urine just soaks through the floor onto the road)
  • Water tank
  • Battery package
  • Saddle racks
  • Blanket bars
  • Bridle hooks
  • Head deflector
  • Hock deflector
  • Galvanized steel frame and chassis
  • 2mm thick vortex spray on rubber coating on floor, walls, frame and chassis.
  • Extra tie rings
  • Reversible Pop up roof vents
  • Sliding windows on tail side
  • Sliding windows in tail curtains
  • Man door in bulkhead wall
  • Rug rack over horses rumps.
  • Larger 6,000 pound axles
  • Extra foot of tack room

Want more storage? Go no further than the new Megan Jones eventing edition Outback 3 horse angle. Large dressing room, rug rack and chest lockers maximise the amount of gear you can carry to your events, keep you car free of gear and have ur own little mini truck set up. Designed and tested by Megan in the 2013/2014 eventing season this float truly has every option you and your horse need to be practical and comfortable at your next event. Available In Black, Silver, White, Red and Champagne, different trim levels and interior fit-outs.

Photogallery: Megan Jones Eventing Edition